Nila's fixtures are ideal for use on motion capture stages. They give you a lot of visible light but very little in the infrared range. That means that they won't interfere with IR cameras in the way that incandescent fixtures do. They also have very low power consumption - important when your stage is operated around the clock during crunch time. 

Nila's fixtures provide the most reliable tracking of any lighting system, even for helmet-mounted cameras.  They emit very little infrared light and they illuminate your markers more evenly than incandescent or even fluorescent light fixtures.

Most importantly, Nila has more expertise in lighting for motion capture than any other lighting manufacturer. Nila CEO Jim Sanfilippo designed and installed the mocap lighting rigs for Sony Computer Entertainment of America (Playstation), Lightstorm (Avatar), the Zemeckis stage at Playa del Rey (currently operated by Digital Domain), and many others. We can advise you on the most economical and effective way to light your space to meet your needs.

Key Features



Nila is the only company with the depth of experience and know-how to help you light your mocap stage without wasting money.


Nila's fixtures can help your cameras reliably track their mocap markers with low IR and even illumination.


Nila's fixtures feature DMX control and instant-on, with no warm up time.


Nila's fixtures save you money every day. Not only do they significantly lower your power costs, they virtually eliminate maintenance.