Q: What Pelican cases do you recommend for your light fixtures?

A:  For a single Zaila - 1500, a single Varsa - 1510, a single Boxer - 1620, and a single Arina - 1690. We offer Pelican cases with custom foam inserts for single and double Varsas, single Boxers, and single Arinas. Check with your Nila dealer for pricing.

Q: How susceptible are your light fixtures to wet conditions?

A: Our 2nd generation (round) Varsa fixtures are weatherproof. Our Zaila and Boxer fixtures are not rated to be left in the elements full time, but light moisture will not be cause for concern. We suggest that you cover those fixtures with a clear plastic bag if you need to use them in wet conditions. The precipitation will keep the light cool and the clear plastic bag will keep the moisture from getting into critical areas.

 Q: Which Chimera softboxes fit your light fixtures?

The Zaila, Varsa, and Boxer all come equipped with built-in Chimera mounts. While the soft boxes themselves are the same as off-the-shelf units, the rod lengths are customized for the perfect fit when used with our lights. Nila-customized Chimeras are available from your Nila dealer. 

Zaila - Nila part number NKCHXS - Chimera 8115LHN - Low Heat Video Pro with custom 19.25" rods

Varsa (any generation) - Nila part number NKCHS - Chimera 1025N - Small Super Pro Plus with custom 24.75" rods

Boxer - Nila part number NKCHM - Chimera 1035N - Medium Super Pro Plus with custom 33.5" rods

DOWNLOAD - Chimera's Nila Tech Sheet

Q: How do I get my first generation Nila light fixture out of Nila Net (DMX) mode?

A: Turn off the light, then hold the up arrow while turning the light back on.

Q: How do I force my first generation Nila light fixture into Nila Net (DMX) mode?

A: If you use a Nila adapter cable, your Nila fixture will automatically switch to Nila Net mode when the cable is attached to the Nila Net In port. If you'd like to change the mode manually, the procedure is simple: Turn off the light, then hold the down arrown while turning the light back on.  


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