Q: What is Nila Net?

A:  Nila Net is Nila's proprietary method of connecting our fixtures to a DMX control network.  We utilize RJ45 connectors because ethernet cables are readily available, robust, and have low-profile, locking connectors.  We offer an adapter for use with a 5-pin XLR cable.

Q: How do I get my Nila light fixture out of Nila Net mode?

A: Turn off the light, then hold the up arrow while turning the light back on.

Q: How do I force my Nila light fixture into Nila Net mode?

A: If you use a Nila adapter cable, your Nila fixture will automatically switch to Nila Net mode when the cable is attached to the Nila Net In port. If you'd like to change the mode manually, the procedure is simple: Turn off the light, then hold the down arrown while turning the light back on.  

Q: How can I minimize multiple shadows with Nila light fixtures?

A:  Almost every interior location or set has multiple light fixtures and therefore multiple shadows. The best way to minimize the multiple shadows from a single fixture is to place the fixture far enough from your subject for the light from the LEDs to blend. You may also use Nila's holographic film lenses to achieve the same effect.

Q: What Pelican cases do you recommend for your light fixtures?

A:  For a single Zaila - 1500, a single Varsa - 1510, a single Boxer - 1620, and a single Arina - 1690.

Q:  Why don't you offer color-changing lights?

A:  Our focus has always been on creating the brightest LED fixtures possible in a compact package. Fixtures that offer color-changing abilities sacrifice the total output of the fixture in order to produce a variety of colors. Every Nila deluxe kit includes multiple hard gels that allow the end user to change a daylight fixture into tungsten and vice versa.

Q: What is the color rendering index (CRI) of your light fixtures?

A: We suggest that you test our fixtures with your camera to judge the output with your eyes. The CRI will not tell you how a fixture performs for your camera because CRI is an extremely poor indicator of an LED's color.  There are multiple ways to measure CRI and there is no real standard. That said, the CRI for our daylight fixtures is between 78 and 90 and the CRI for our tungsten fixtures is between 85 and 96, depending on the method used for measuring.

Q: Do your light fixtures suffer from a green spike on-camera?

A: This depends on how your camera sensor reacts to our lights. For most well-tuned, high-end cameras we do not see any green spike. On a lower-quality camera you may see a slight green or magenta shift. We have spent much time and effort to design lights that have the best color reproduction for the widest variety of cameras on the market.

Q: How can I balance Nila light fixtures when using them with other kinds of fixtures?

A: While Nila's fixtures have consistent color output from fixture to fixture, even over time, most conventional fixtures have color temperatures that can change drastically over the life of the product. To compensate for those changes, direct your various lights at a white card and white balance your camera based on the color produced when your lights are mixed.

Q: How susceptible are your light fixtures to wet conditions?

A: Our 2nd generation Varsa fixtures are weatherproof. Our Zaila and Boxer fixtures are not rated to be left in the elements full time, but light moisture will not be cause for concern. We suggest that you cover those fixtures with a clear plastic bag if you need to use them in wet conditions. The precip will keep the light cool and the clear plastic bag will keep the moisture from getting into critical areas.

 Q: Which Chimera softboxes fit your light fixtures?

The Zaila, Varsa, and Boxer all come equipped with built-in Chimera mounts. While the soft boxes themselves are the same as off-the-shelf units, the rod lengths are customized for the perfect fit when used with our lights. Nila-customized Chimeras are available from your Nila dealer. 

Zaila - Nila part number NKCHXS - Chimera 8115LHN - Low Heat Video Pro with custom 19.25" rods

Varsa (any generation) - Nila part number NKCHS - Chimera 1025N - Small Super Pro Plus with custom 24.75" rods

Boxer - Nila part number NKCHM - Chimera 1035N - Medium Super Pro Plus with custom 33.5" rods

DOWNLOAD - Chimera's Nila Tech Sheet


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